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XY ConneXion


XY ConneXion was created in 2013 to spread the word of the therapeutic modality XY Theory, created by Dr. John Jacob, a relationship expert and researcher in personality. XY Theory approaches relationships knowing it is vital that you discover your partner’s true intent, real needs, and genuine wants in order to achieve relational success. These relationships include romantic relationships, parent/child relationships, and workplace professional relationships. The XY Interactive Personality Test divides needs and wants into four personality types (XX, XY, YX, YY) that further helps you discover each other's relational needs and learn how to meet those needs. Our programs utilize XY Theory to help you wherever your relationship is currently residing within the XY Relational Phase Cycle, to achieve relational harmony. For those who want one on one support, XY ConneXion offers individual, family, and professional coaching. In addition, we train therapists and coaches in XY Theory so they can continue to help individuals, couples, and families to reconnect and communicate regarding their needs. We offer both asynchronous and live training programs.

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 Founder and CEO Dr. John K Jacob has assembled an experienced team of professionals with backgrounds in psychology, education, healthcare, business, marketing, and IT. It is this diversity of knowledge and Dr. Jacob's breakthrough research on relational factors that ultimately has resulted in a top-tier organization dedicated to supporting relationships, developing leaders, and changing the world, one ConneXion at a time.

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