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Science is now able to predict relationship outcomes before a formal meeting. Two lovers. Partners in a business. A coach and a client. A doctor and a patient. Two siblings. A parent and a child. Our XY ConneXion™ Interactive tests are based on a multi-dimensional model, with XY Communication and XY Intimacy at its core. These variables comprise of proprietary elements of communication and intimacy that are unique to XY Theory™.
Unlike other relationship models, ours is a "needs-based" model. Individuals are compatible if they receive the optimum amount of communication and intimacy, based on their preferred interaction style. Our tests allow you to not only learn more about your needs from relationships with others, but provide you with the information you need to ask other
s for your needs to be met. The arrow below will take you to the test.

Life is busy, which is why our courses here at XY ConneXion are entirely online and asynchronous, so you can do them whenever it works best for you. From our 30 minute mini-courses to our 12-week long programs with staff assistance, we have the programs you need to improve your life and meet your goals. Our programs are developed using the latest interventions and research, to ensure that you are gaining the knowledge you need to succeed. For couples, we offer pre-marital counseling, brief videos on how to improve communication and intimacy, repair programs to help your relationship heal, and so much more! For families, we offer parenting programs, and for individuals we have self-improvement courses. And we are constantly creating new programs! To explore our courses, check out the arrow below.

The XY ConneXion Coaching Program is unparalleled . . . simple, yet highly effective. Our program focuses on the science behind relationships in both the professional and personal arena. Our Life Coach training program teaches coaches everything they need to know about how to be a life coach, have a successful business and change the lives of others. Our Relational Coach training program instructs on the XY Relational Cycle and how coaches can intervene at any point in the cycle to help couples strengthen their love and connection.
Unlike other coaching programs, our coaches learn about preferred interaction style and how it affects every aspect of life, from dating to parenting, to career choices, to business and education, including the way they coach and the solutions needed to improve relationships. XY ConneXion's Scientific Methodology incorporates: neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, neuro-theology, endocrinology, effective conflict resolution techniques, and other disciplines needed to train professionals in a unique and deeper way. Check out our training programs by clicking the arrow below.

Our avant garde approach to coaching is solution focused and brief. Coaching is available for individuals and couples, as well as parents who are interested in improving their interactions with their children. XY ConneXion Coaching will address the following areas of concern: Personal Development, Marriage, Relationships, Parenting, Business, Education and Spirituality. Our XY Certified coaches are prepared to help you with any troubles you have have and help you meet your personal goals. For more information on our coaching packages, click the arrow below.


The book is in an easy-to-understand format, full of anecdotes, dialogue, practical tools to evaluate previous and current relationships, and strategies on how to meet your partner's needs.

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