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     PARENTING AND FAMILY RELATIONS – We’ve helped hundreds of families deal with various types of conflict, but have noticed that much of the parent-child conflict we’ve helped address, appeared to have been also affected by differences in interaction styles. Parents whose styles showed an XY difference often had more conflict with children with opposing styles. Building a bond varied per child, but was also easily facilitated or hindered by the interactive style of the parent compared to that of the child. Each child’s interactive personality type interacts differently, even among siblings. Some children like space and are not the “let me tell you what happened at school today” types. While others are the complete opposite. We help parents to connect with each child by teaching them about their children’s interactive personality differences. 



     RELIGION – The divorce rate has been rising considerably among religious denominations over the past two decades. At XY ConneXion, we’ve purported that spirituality is not the sole reason for the rise, but interactive personality differences among people of faith that is wreaking havoc on romantic relationships. Religious belief does not replace the need for compatibility in a relationship nor personal adjustment and growth, once that relationship or marriage is embarked upon. Our work with places of worship and religious organizations involves sharing the latest science behind relationships and marriage.

     Our workshops and presentations have been sought out by a variety of denominations, including the Catholic Diocese as well as a vast number of Protestant churches. We’ve begun to train religious leaders because of the sheer number of organizations seeking XY ConneXion applications to meet the growing needs of their worshipers.

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