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XY ConneXion®️ Tests
Consultant / Client Tests

*Free e-book included

-Connectivity Test

-Social/Relational Test

-Interactivity Test

-Adaptability Test

-Parent-Child Interaction Test

Package Price


XY Relational Coaching Credential for (Certified Coaches)


This credential provides deep training in helping singles and couples understand their interactive needs. All of XY 
ConneXion Relational tests, tools, and techniques will be available to you.

Course Price

$997 or 

$335/mo for 3mo

Courses and Content

12 Hours

XY ConneXion®️ 
Coaching and Training for Individuals 


dual certification

Improve your Relationships by learning how to use our XY Tools and Interventions to Self-Coach.

Course Price

$2497 or 

$833/mo for 3mo

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