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     Science is now able to predict relationship outcomes before a formal meeting. Two lovers. Partners in a business. A coach and a client. A doctor and a patient. Two siblings. Our XY ConneXion™ tests can now predict the quality of any relationship before it begins and do so with remarkable accuracy. ​XY ConneXion  tests are based on a multi-dimensional model, with XY Communication and XY Intimacy  at its core. These variables comprise of proprietary elements of communication and intimacy that are unique to XY Theory™. 

     Unlike other relationship models, ours is a "needs-based" model. Couples are compatible if they receive the optimum amount of communication and intimacy, not too much and not too little, based on their preferred interaction style. But this represents only a few of the many ways in which we connect or bond with each other. Our tests also predict the quality of a parent/child interaction, teacher/student interaction, sibling interaction, and employee/employer relations in the business arena.

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     The XY ConneXion Coaching Program is unparalleled . . . simple, yet highly effective. Our program focuses on the science behind relationships in both the professional and personal arena. Coaches will be trained on how to interpret the XY ConneXion battery of assessments for clients in their first module. The XY ConneXion modality will be taught in the second module and is the first modality or methodology that was uniquely created with coaches  in mind. 

     This differentiates us from other coaching certification programs. Unlike other coaching programs, our coaches will learn about preferred interaction style and how it affects every aspect of life, from dating to parenting, to career choices, to business and education, including the way they coach and the solutions needed to improve relationships. Coaches will master listening and goal setting techniques before using the XY ConneXion Approach to coach others. XY ConneXion's Scientific Methodology incoporates: neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, neuroethology (the neural basis of behavior), endocrinology (the role hormones play), effective conflict resolution techniques, and other disciplines needed to train professionals in a unique and deeper way.

     Our avant garde approach to coaching is solution focused and brief. Coaching is available for individuals, couples, and parents who are interested in improving their interactions with their children. XY ConneXion Coaching will address the following areas of concern :

Personal Development, Marriage, Relationships, Parenting, Business, Education and Spirituality

     We offer a new, non-traditional approach to relationship repair. Join us for an interactive online workshop for couples who are dating, engaged or married. Our basic connexion will give you new insights and help you repair vital bonds. Work with one of our XY certified coaches on  exercises designed to help you improve your relationship.  The basic connexion can reveal to you what your partner can't or won't, even after several years of marriage. 


The book is in an easy-to-understand format, full of anecdotes, dialogue, practical tools to evaluate previous and current relationships, and strategies on how to meet your partner's needs.

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